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Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

The reality of having to initiate legal action or defend oneself from legal action may be nerve wrecking, daunting and quite frankly overwhelming especially for someone who hasn’t done it before. Hiring an attorney can provide the peace of mind of knowing you have someone in your corner who’s been there and done that, and whose sole concern is making sure you get the best legal resolution possible.

Although no attorney can guarantee a specific outcome, attorneys offer insightful legal opinions and strategies along with knowing the specifics ins and outs of court procedures and rules. Do you know there are imperative deadlines that if not met can prevent you from initiating your suit? Or if a suit has been brought against you can stop you from asserting a defense? It’s true. And like many things in life saying "I didn’t know" isn’t enough to get a do over.

Through his tenure at the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office and the Broward County Attorney's Office Victor is well versed in various areas of the law. Victor has experience in criminal defense, both felonies and misdemeanors; dui defense; family law, child custody and support; and other civil law areas including, but not limited to: wrongful death, slip and falls, and auto accidents. When you employ Victor you can be assured you have hired a knowledgeable attorney who only has your best interest at heart.

Victor H. Waite prides himself on providing competent legal representation. If you or anyone you know needs legal representation give The Law Office of Victor H. Waite, P.A. a call for your free 30 minute consultation.

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