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Do I need a lawyer?
If you’re asking yourself this question you probably needed a lawyer a week ago.

Can I afford a lawyer?
The real question should be can you afford not to have a lawyer? The fact is every week I get phone calls from people who attempted to handle their legal matter by themselves and failed horribly. Sometimes I am able to undo the damage they’ve done but this normally takes a longer time than if they hired an attorney from the beginning. The initial consultation is free so everyone can afford to call the Law Office of Victor H. Waite today.

I don’t know what to expect in my case?
Victor has extensive experience in both family and bankruptcy law. Victor takes the time to discuss your case in detail with you so you have a better understanding of the legal process. You can rest assured that if you ever have a question Victor personally meets every client, answers all phone calls and reads every emails so your question will be answered by an experienced lawyer not staff.

How do I know I am hiring a reputable attorney?
You wouldn’t refer a friend or colleague to a restaurant where you received bad service or lousy food. Like a good neighborhood restaurant Victor does not spend millions on advertising instead he counts on word of mouth for the majority of his business. 90 plus percent of Victor’s clients are referrals or repeat clients, this is something Victor takes pride in. Find out why so many people are comfortable referring Victor. Call him today for your initial consultation.

Find out your rights today. Contact the Law Office of Victor H. Waite, P.A.

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